Lilydale Pharmacy, Main Rd, Lilydale, Tasmania

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Our Products & Services Include:

  • Free blood pressure testing
  • Pharmacy Self Care advice and information
  • Drug information
  • Safe disposal of unwanted medicines
  • Asthma aids, nebulisers, peak flow meters
  • Infant care including baby weighing and Avent products
  • Quit Smoking patches, gum and professional advice
  • First Aid kits and supplies: we can help you build your own kit
  • Reading glasses: dozens to choose from, great range of frames, rimless, plastic & metal from $19.95
  • Support socks and knee length support stockings: prevents fluid buildup in lower leg, reducing aching feet & lower legs, preventing deep vein thromboses
  • Thermoskin products for arthritis and sports injuries: gloves fro arthritits, supports for arthritis & sports injuries for knee, ankle, wrist, elbow & back
  • Strapping tape for sporting injuries, mouthguards, ear plugs
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Cough, cold and allergy advice and products
  • Wide range of health related products
  • Cosmetics and hair care products
  • Gift items
  • Photocopying: A4, A3, enlarging & reducing
  • Film Processing
  • EFTPOS & credit card payments accepted


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This page last updated on November 10, 2004